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Building Vim from Source

Compiling Vim from the source is actually not that difficult. Here's what you should do: Install all the prerequisite libraries Remove vim if you have it already Compile source code Download source code You can get the source code here: http://www.vim.org/sources.php Set Configuration Install Vim If you don't get gvim working (on ubuntu 12.04 LTS), try changing --enable-gui=gtk2 to --enable-gui=gnome2 These configure and make calls assume a Debian-like distro where Vim's runtime files directory is placed in /usr/share/vim/vim74/, which is not Vim's default. The same thing goes for --prefix=/usr in the configure call. Those values may need to be different with a Linux distro that is not based on Debian. In such a case, try to remove the --prefix variable in the configure call and the VIMRUNTIMEDIR in the make call (in other words, go with the defaults). Besides, if you…

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