Software QA System

Software QA System is designed for Software Basis Contest which was held by School of Software in Hefei University of Technology.

It's build with VB.NET and Access (as its database).

The solution has 3 projects:

Software Enrollment System

It's used for enrollment for competitors before the contest or at the the contest.

Software Management System

It's used for managing the contests. You can know how many people attend the contest and how many questions they answered. After the contest, you can export their scores to an excel file.

Software QA System

Competitors use this system to answer their question. This system will get questions from an Access file, and check how many questions the competitor answered is right. After all questions is answered, the system will post the score to the server.

Code Repository


This project is open sourced under GNU GPL v3.

Contact Us
  • SenseTime Research, Shenzhen Bay Eco-Technology Park
  • cshzxie [at] gmail [dot] com