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Enable Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) on Linux

Gnome 42 has a fantastic new feature that allows Linux users to share their desktops with Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol remotely, namely GNOME remote desktop. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how you can use this great new feature. Without this feature, an alternative solution is xrdp. However, xrdp cannot provide a consistent desktop environment as used in current Linux. Enable Automatic Login and Disable Screen Lock For the remote desktop to work on GNOME, we have to enable automatic login and disable automatic screen lock. Otherwise, it is unable to connect to the Linux PC remotely from Windows 10/11 using the Remote Desktop Connection app. Enable Remote Desktop For Ubuntu 22.04 (or other Linux distributions with GNOME>=42), the RDP-based…

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Arch Linux ARM on an M1 Mac with VMware Fusion

Arch Linux ARM is a simple and lightweight Linux distribution that is actually the official port of the Arch Linux operating system. It’s built especially for processors that support ARM architecture. With its use, the users can have full control of the system and shape their system according to their needs. In this tutorial, we provide the detailed procedure to install Arch Linux ARM on a Macbook Pro (with Apple M1 Pro) running VMware Fusion 13.0. Prerequisites Get Arch Linux ARM (aarch64) ISO The ISO file for Apple Silicon can be downloaded here. Create a New Virtual Machine in VMware Fusion For detailed information, please refer to the VMware Knowledge Base. Enter the Command-Line Installation In VMware Fusion, boot from…

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