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Integrate Spring MVC with Log4j

It’s quite straightforward to integrate Log4j into the Spring MVC application. First, include Log4j.jar library into your project dependency, then create a file to define the Log4j’s appender and put this file into the project classpath, Done. In the tutorial, we show you how to integrate the Log4j 1.x logging framework into the Spring MVC application. Add Log4j Library to Your Project Download the Log4j library from the official website, or via Maven : Create Create a Log4j properties file (, put it into the project class path. see figure : File : – Define how log4j handles the logged message, in this example, it will redirect all the logged messages into a text. Use Log4j in…

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How does Ajax Work

Ajax is a term coined by Jesse James Garrett and that became popular since the publication of the article Ajax: A New Approach to Web applications, published in February 2005, is a shortcut for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. The normal behavior of the Internet that involves sending pages to the browser is completely changed by the use of Ajax. Ajax has become commonplace with its integration in HTML 5 and JavaScript frameworks, and in fact, the interest of developers has moved to HTML 5 for its new tags and APIs that accompany it. Among these, WebSocket appears as the successor to Ajax, because it is a superior means of communication between an application and the server or the backend. What's Ajax?…

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